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제목 In case of pen marks on the products
작성자 Toribox (ip:)
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for visiting TORIBOX.

A blue or a purple marks on the products are marked when working on tailoring(cutting) and sewing.

The marks are displayed using a special pen.

The special pen has properties that the marks are erased by heat.

And the special pen has properties that the marks reappear at below-freezing temperatures.

There are no marks when inspecting the product, but the marks may reappear.

Because the products may be placed at below-freezing temperatures during delivery.

If the marks reappear, you can easily erase the marks by applying heat. Please try a iron or a hair dryer.

If you try it, you will find that the marks are easily erased by heat.

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

Best regards,


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